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Dry kaffir lime leaves in the microwave ?

Updated: Sep 18

A Thai team studied (2022) drying of kaffir lime leaves in a rotary microwave assisted dryer. It is the type of dryer where high power microwaves (2000 W) assist the drying which lasts 2 hours with an orientation at 60°.

The aim of the study is the production of large quantities of dried leaves with minimal degradation in quality. Yet even with this method there is a real loss in quality.

Compared to oranges, lemons and limes, kaffir lime has the highest content of antioxidants (flavonoids and phenolic compounds)

The antioxidant potential of dry leaves with this method is 4.6 mg/mL

and we know that that of the fresh leaf is of the order of magnitude of 22 mg/ml (5 times more)

There is no problem storing dried leaves nor phytosanitary barriers to enter the North American or European markets. However, I ask you : with such a dramatic loss in taste and health benefits, do dry leaves have anything to do with the fresh leaves ?

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