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grow Kaffir Lime Leaves in Europe ?

In order to protect European orchards from numerous citrus pests and diseases, European phytosanitary legislation prohibits the entry of fresh citrus leaves into the free movement of plant zone. Leaves produced outside this zone are therefore only available dry or frozen. Growing leaves in Europe means a local product an exceptional freshness, guaranteed quality, strict controls and,  as many restaurants will testify exceptional taste.


to cultivate Kaffir Lime trees.

Kaffir trees are native to the equatorial belt and grow well below 20° North , up to 15° South  (Timor is 9° South). In other words, they are not suited for growing outside temperate zones. 

They cannot withstand frost, they lose their leaves and a strong frost can kill the tree.

They dread the light amplitude between day and night. A kaffir lime tree will stop vegetation when the days are short  and  then increases growth when the days are long.

They fear strong direct sun and drought conditions and appreciate humidity and regular watering.

Indoor or greenhouse cultivation is possible in a temperate climate provided that the tree is shaded in summer and given extra light in winter.

You can grow a kaffir lime tree in a pot indoors with regular fertilisation and attention to insect (aphids, mealybugs) 

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