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To understand how people who love kaffir lime leaves and fruit use them its best to look at Cookpad  มะกรูด (makrūd ) in Thailand, the country that uses them the most.


Out of 3200 recipes only 3% are beverages, yet drinks and lemonade with kaffir lime are very refreshing and relaxing. 2% are sweet recipes, in other words, candies, jams, jellies and desserts an area of research to explore.

7% are recipes with different fruit especially bananas, 9% are recipes with eggs and noodles.

Vegetable and rice recipes represent 17%. We can imagine all the possible variations around Thai rice (long grained rice cooked in coconut milk with kaffir leaves, ginger and lemongrass), everyone knows that when the rice is not really interesting you just need to stick a kaffir lime on the end of a fork and stir 3 times to give it a dreamy taste.

 But the principal use (77%) in cooking is with meat, fish and crustaceans or oysters dishes. Fish (and crocodile) comes first, especially fatty fish, often steamed, placed on a few fresh leaves. Among  meat, chicken represents 22% (when you buy a roast chicken slip 2 leaves of combava in the bag, and leave for about twenty minutes), followed by pork, then crabs and shrimps, prawns etc.

There is not only curry in life. With the kaffir lime you enter a never ending culinary world of invention.

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