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The Kaffir lime is part of an ethnic tradition where food and medicine are one.

The uses of Kaffir limes and leaves in traditional medicine are very diverse, and in the uses as well - from hair growth, to the fight against melancolie (Thailand), infantile diseases in Madagascar etc. Countries were Kaffir limes are well known, such as India consider it a plant with high medical potential and as a priority for scientific research.

It has a vast potential with its antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-cancerous, chemopreventive, antioxidant, anti-cholinesterase properties and cardio and hepato-protective effects...

Extracts from the leaves of the Kaffir lime also have important anti-inflammatory properties.

Scientific research has shown that the kaffir lime is a citrus fruit with very high bioactivity.

The principal qualities of the Kaffir lime is firstly as an antioxidant and secondly as an anti bactericide and insecticide.

The antioxidant activity is demonstrated in particular by the hepato-protective effect of the leaf extracts (for example in rats, it prevents the destruction of the liver by paracetamol).

and of course by its efficacy against diabetes (in vitro

Kaffir lime extracts destroy mosquito larvae . and have an anti bacterial effect.

This property has the advantage of limiting the concentration and activity of harmful bacteria in food.

It has also been observed that at low concentrations the extracts of the kaffir lime fight various bacteria involved in our infectious diseases

No doubt putting a Kaffir lime leaf in your Thai rice will not miraculously improve your health, but like many spices used in South Asian cuisine, always chosen in the spirit of the Vedas, it will contribute to your well being and happiness. Of all the scientific publications the most stimulating say that the smell of the kaffir lime makes us more alert, attentive, cheerful and vigorous than the control group.

If you feel a little depressed or sad and need a boost why not a curry with fresh kaffir lime leaves, or a fish steamed with kaffir lime leaves which will perfume your kitchen and lift your spirits?

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