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Close to Citrus Hystrix ?

Audray Dugrand-Judek et al. (2015) write about Nasnaran (C. amblycarpa) “Nasnaran is a direct tangerine-papeda hybrid, it has a strong scent of papeda, although it looks like a tangerine. Its profile is more closely linked to the papedas, in particular the Citrus Hystrix".

Clementine Baccati et al. (2021) note that limonene is the dominant component in citrus with the exception of C. micrantha and C. hystrix where it is β-pinene (about 35%)”.

The essential oil of C. hystrix and C. micrantha leaves have a similar composition.

We smelled the crumpled leaves of kaffir lime (C. hystrix) , Nasnaran (C. amblycarpa) and C. micrantha variety Biasong.

Kaffir lime leaves are the most powerful of the three. The other two only vaguely evoke that fragrance, Nasnaran is the most interesting but the wild note (like Ichang lemon) of ethyl hexanoate really doesn't inspire you to cook a good curry.

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