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Kaffir Lime 

Our essence of Kaffir lime is a low viscosity clear liquid, extracted from the peels of fresh Kaffir limes from our GlobalGap certified trees.   


The Essence of Kaffir lime has a clean, pure, unadulterated freshness, it is not bitter, but has a tart savagery present throughout. An aromatic and warm scent, a spice similar to that present in root ginger, a fine joyous fragrance. 


All of this complexity amplified by the lively, crisp green notes, that conjure memories of rubbing fresh greenery through your fingers, aldehydic fizz a truly hesperidic joy.

Kaffir Lime Petitgrain

Our Petitgrain of kaffir lime is a low viscosity clear liquid produced from fresh leaves. We produce two different Petitgrain; made from GlobalGAP certified leaves or certified Organic leaves.


We only use handpicked, high quality fresh leaves, rather than a mix of leaves and twigs.

Our Kaffir Lime Petitgrain essential oil has a very distinct bouquet, a vivid florality with subtle and fresh sparkling citrus notes, in no way sharp to the nose, balanced by a  fresh herbaceous note reminiscent of white tea, stable, a hyper-realistic natural fragrance, a multi layered aroma that lingers.


The quality of citrus essential oils is largely determined by the extraction technique and the freshness of the raw materials. Our essential oils are only extracted on site where we harvest fresh leaves and fruit directly from our own trees which are in certified production.

We use the Solvent Free Microwave extraction (SFME) which produces an essential oil true to that naturally present in the plant. It is an advanced, innovative and ecologically sustainable technology: economical in water and energy, it generates no non-compostable waste, and does not use any chemical solvents.

Academic publications show that Kaffir lime essential oil obtained by current methods (steam extraction or hydro-distillation) is degraded by prolonged heating. Due to the SFME rapid selective heating process, our high quality raw materials do not undergo thermal deterioration.

The SFME method also offers a reduced environmental burden as it rejects less co2 into the atmosphere 200g co2 per gram of essential oil compared to traditional method, which was rejecting 3600g co2 per gram of essential oil (ferhat ET Al.. 2006,07; Luchesib ET Al., 2004a 2004b)

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The quality our essential oils is due to the extreme freshness of the fruit and leaves and the extraction method. 

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