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We are a group of dedicated farmers growing Kaffir lime leaves in Portugal all year round. The tastiest and freshest leaves you can find.

In season we produce Kaffir limes and Kaffir lime essential oil and Petit grain. 

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European grown Kaffir Lime Leaves

Fresh leaves make all the difference !

Our Kaffir lime leaves respect all European phytosanitary legislation. Whether they are grown in pots or directly in the soil, they are pesticide and fungicide free and always freshly picked. Insect-proof greenhouses and a moderate climate guarantee leaves all year round.


We are also proud to have GlobalG.A.P. certification, guaranteeing traceability, sustainability, hygiene and security. 

Our leaves grown inside are grown in specially designed insect-proof greenhouses that benefit from heating and cooling systems as well as zenital lighting over the winter months, to guarantee optimal conditions for year around growth.  We use auxilliary insects to protect the trees from unwanted pests.

In the case of our Certified Organic leaves, the trees are planted directly in the ground in organically certified soil. Each tree is individually coddled to ensure the highest leaf quality. 

We also have trees growing outside in a sustainable culture with intelligent water management and  physical pest prevention to grow excellent fruit as well.

In order to protect  European orchards from certain pests and diseases, European phytosanitary legislation prohibits the entry of fresh citrus leaves. Leaves produced outside of Europe can only be imported dried or frozen, severely impacting the quality.



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